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Thread: 1st website after 1 month learning HTML

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    1st website after 1 month learning HTML

    Hi Guys,

    A little nervous posting on here as I have only just started to learn the wonderful world of HTML.

    Anyway, I've created my very first site which is for a local pool team I play for:

    I'm in the process of getting a team photo for the home page to use in place of the welcome text. I haven't got around to doing a page for the achievements yet and I'm also going to wait until I've learned how to do a proper 'Contact Us' form based page rather than advertise my email address for spammers to attack.

    A couple of issues I've identified already is that the site looks fine in IE9 and on the iPhone, however I've tried to view the site on IE6 & IE7 and the navigation is all messed up; there are gaps between each links, the text doesn't seem to fit the containers properly and the whole site (on IE6) isn't centered in the middle of the window.

    Well there it is, come on hit me with it. What do you think?

    Many thanks,

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    Very good static website. I have checked it on firefox and it gives best view.

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    Very 1999

    Not bad for your first site, I'm sure everyone's first site from ground up looks similar. The color scheme is quite interesting!
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    After 1 month learning HTML...that's what my websites looked like on the surface....however, they didn't look 1/10 as clean as your HTML does underneath. Very good job.

    Check out and see what cascading style sheets can do for you to get rid of the inline style attribute on elements.
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    If you learn HTML just month you made good work. I like your work. But the design is terrible.

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    however, they didn't look 1/10 as clean as your HTML does underneath
    I totally agree. The HTML is super clean. Great for a first try. I think this is about on par with most peoples "first" sites. The trick is to keep at it. You might try to look at some css inspiration sites like cssremix.com or something like that to see what can be done with css. HTML is only half the battle these days.

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    i like your website !
    personally i would say a really nice attempt for 1 month HTML learning !
    best luck !

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    Impressive, for a first attempt. Compliments on the code, yet I'd suggest to put some more effort into the looks of the website.
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    No, dreamweaver? seriously? impressive!

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