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Thread: Show/Hide based on content within div

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    Show/Hide based on content within div

    I would like to show or hide a header element (e.g. <h3></h3>) based up a div tag that either contains content or not. The content is dynamically added or shown, but the header element isn't, which results in having the header element shown with no content below it many times. Here's an example:

    <div id=related-section>
    <h3>Related Articles</h3>
    <div id=related>
    <p>This content is being shown, sometimes it is not shown.</p>

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    how is the div related being populated? the answer would depend on what methods you are using to populate data in the div.

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    The <p></p> area is being populated by Coldfusion. There are two states for what <div id=related> looks like, it's either 1) <div id=related><p>bla bla bla bla</p></div> or 2) <div id=related></div>.

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