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    Menu Bar Positioning

    Hello all!

    Hope your enjoying the easter weekend! Quick one for you. Ive spent hours and hours on this and cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is!

    http://devel.ilovestudentradio.co.uk/ - As you can see, to the left of "Home" there is a large selection of "whitespace"

    http://ilovestudentradio.co.uk/ - Does not have this "whitespace"

    Can anyone suggest why this might be? Its not a great problem, but if you look at http://devel.studentradio.org.uk/ then you can see it dosent quite fit in the menu bar because of it!

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    It seems to me that the only reason why it's white, is because there's no text text there. I guess you probably know something I don't, or you just forgot about that.

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    I am showing a bunch of connection errors, but I also see text in the white area.

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