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Thread: Works fine with IE8 but not at all with Firefox... Help!

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    Works fine with IE8 but not at all with Firefox... Help!

    See http:\\www.smoli.com

    I just added the SmoothDivScroll (jQuery add-on) to my page to create scrolling images at the bottom.

    Unfortunately as a result the table no longer resized correctly to the size of the screen, and the scrolling does not work. This only happens in Firefox, in IE8 everything works as it should.

    Any idea what is wrong with my code?

    Many thanks in advance,


    PS: Everything also works fine when previewed from within FrontPage 2k3 (the editor I use to create the page).

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    You have loaded a document into an iframe. That document (http://www.asmoli.plus.com/home.htm) has no Doctype.

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    Thanks - didn't notice that it was missing.

    However, nothing works with Firefox even after I added it.

    What I did notice is that the problem seem to be with the script being within a cell of a table. Once not in a table/cell it works fine with both browsers. Also, the table doesn't seem to behave as it should (i.e. resize to the physical size of the screen) in Firefox.

    Any more thoughts?

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