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Thread: Please review my site

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    Question Please review my site

    We have been lunched a new website wich is a online marketplace - buy and sell scripts, domains, websites and other services. Please visit it at the adress http://www.joolar.com/ and share your thoughts on it. I would like to know your opinions on design and navigation accesibilty.

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    Grammar and spelling could be addressed ....

    Also I would like to see navigation disappear off the footer and be merged with the header navigation .. All that needs to be down there is copywright and acceptance of terms through use. The footer could be far smaller ....
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    Thanks a lot

    @wh666-666, thank you very much for your feedback. I have to say that your remarks are very important to us. We collect more opinions and will implement them to make our site easy to use.

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    I like website design. It looks fresh and good. Website navigation is user-friendly and users can easily browse your website.

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    thanks, any suggestions?

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