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Thread: Improving website analytic service

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    Improving website analytic service

    I'm currently creating website analytic service which tracks multiple sites using Javascript. I've done the basic tracker that tracks every visitor in every page, but I want to improve it.

    The question is how do you folks would improve it?

    Now it tracks a new visitor every time page loads so it would be more useful if it tracks visitor only ones even if he reloads the pages. How would you do this? Maybe with IP-log?

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    There is a really good Polish analytic site - not sure if they have an English language interface, but their stats are excellent.

    http://www.stat4u.com and also http://www.stat4u.pl

    If they have an English language interface, go for it and see what they do. They also log IP addresses... maybe even real IP addresses...

    BTW - What is the URL for your beta so that we can test it... perhaps a demo report screenshot?

    Good luck!

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