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Thread: so uneducated, I'm not sure as to what questions to ask

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    so uneducated, I'm not sure as to what questions to ask

    I had a programmer make a calendar program for my website Grandjunction-music.com. the program he created is located at: grandjunction-music.com/cal/ the program is made in SQL.

    I use the WYSISYG editor Dreamweaver to edit and create my web pages.
    how do I edit the page /cal/ when It is not an HTML document? I do not know where this file is located.

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    Well, it IS a document, it is rendered in HTML...
    You will have to check if it's static (means that you have your HTML file somewhere, and /cal/ only redirects to it) or if it's generated dynamically (and you will have to tweak the mechanism).
    Good luck!
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