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Thread: Live chat support for website

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    Live chat support for website

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to find a way to add a live chat client to my website for questions and answers for my visitors. The only kicker is that I need to be able to send and receive the messages on my phone.

    I was thinking about just making an Email form and adding my phone text email address as the main email for the form - but this wouldn't make it live chat.

    So, is this possible?

    If not, could someone show me how to make an email form that sends straight from my website, and doesn't open an external email client like Microsoft office.

    Thank you so much

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    Thank you. I'll check it out. Anything else?

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    We use a chat solution for our website, provided by a company named ProvideSupport. Yet, I haven't seen an option that does cellphone communication from the get-go.

    The solution we use provides online console, which may be accessed via your cellphone's browser. Perhaps your browser is equipped enough to support this.

    If you're interested in this service, contact me via PM - we can offer a discount for their service.
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    Check out the reference link http://www.android.supportlivechat.org/ go through i hope it helps you.

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