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Thread: Looking for your opinions

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    Looking for your opinions

    We have started up a website - health shop- and now we are looking for sharp eyes to catch any flaws and make suggestions on design, navigation, usabillity, ... whatever.
    You can find it here: http://www.protene.com/index.php

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

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    The design is simple. You have used standart ecommerce template. I suggest you to make some additions, try to add top products. the most popular and new items.

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    thanks, evabrown89. We will try to improve it.

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    Also consider finishing touches such as just to list a couple:

    - Legal terms/use of site should be in a page of its own and be airtight. Your statement at the bottom is discouraging. A simple statement in small print acknowledging someone accepts the T&C's through site use is sufficient. Make the T&C page tucked away where no-one will accidentally click on it but people can find it if they look.

    - Consider whether even a non FDA product is allowed to be sold? Some fall under therapy, some under controlled drugs. Im not sure where collagen lies, so I would be very careful.

    - Who cares if payment is godaddy approved? No one! A customer is so ignorant, they will think godaddy is a porn king. You need Veri-sign approved or a major other player. Having images of reputable credit cards like visa or mastercard helps as well. Terms and rubbish in FAQ like encrypted payment gateways and all that rubbish sounds good and calms customers fears.
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    My 2 cents

    I would use VeriSign to authenticate your site it is better known and trusted the goDaddy. There is no corporate information available, the link just links back to the homepage. Make it more inviting by making the homepage have large images of products on sale that week. This provides more of invite to purchase being your call to action.

    I also looked at your code and there is way to many keywords. You way want to use Google Webmaster Tools to help make your keywords concise and find out which ones are actually generating traffic for you.

    The layout should look more professional. I would change the layout by deleting the right column in the content and make your products line up 3 in a row. Next the Add to cart button needs to be toned down, don't use the neon green as the background, use the darker green in your logo. Your shopping cart doesn't look like a bag or a cart, I would work with that. Move the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Where is your social media to help create fans, etc.
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    Thank you very much for your reviews! We will try to improve our website from your suggestions and fix reported bugs.

    Any other comments, suggestion and criticisms are welcome...

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