Talented enthusiastic Sydney-based website Developer wanted for a start-up website. This is a great opportunity for a creative developer to join an enthusiastic team in an up-and-coming web-based business.

This position is suited to an individual who has and enjoys using a variety of skills and creativity in their web design and implementation. This position will range from the development and maintenance of sophisticated programs driven systems through to web development work.

Assessment & Interview Process

Please send us a sample of your work and a short CV (pa_mazandaran@yahoo.com.au or pa_mazandaran@live.com). We are very interested in seeing what you have done and what you can do.

If you pass the initial application stage for this position, you will be asked to implement a test site, which involves creating a site from scratch to certain specifications. We will talk with the developer who designs the best product about including them in our business.
The RC Team is waiting for your application.
Requirements of the position include

* Perl, Python or PHP Knowledge.
* Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
* MySQL Knowledge.
Extras that will be of assistance include:
* Experience and knowledge of Linux.
* Knowledge of Apache.
* XML experience.
* RSS experience.
* Experience with Photoshop and/or Fireworks.
* Knowledge of browser related issues.
* Knowledge of web based security issues.