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Thread: How to set lower text and first character as CAPS?

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    How to set lower text and first character as CAPS?

    I have code like:
    PHP Code:

    foreach($var as $i=>$element) {
    $var[$i] = ucfirst($element);

    Issue is that exploded text is all the time CAPS like

    When I try to ucfirst it will be not Text as all are CAPS.

    Returns a string with the first character of str capitalized, if that character is alphabetic.

    If I try $var[$i] = mb_strtolower($element); it will be all lower.

    How to set in one line mb_strtolower and the first character capitalized like Text?

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    PHP Code:
    $text ucfirst(strtolower($text)); 
    However, you might not like this if $text contains proper names which should be capitalized, or more than one sentence, or acronyms, or anything else that would require a capitalized letter in the middle of the string.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NogDog View Post
    PHP Code:
    $text ucfirst(strtolower($text)); 
    I have tested many possibilities.

    It works $var[$i] = mb_convert_case(mb_strtolower($element), MB_CASE_TITLE);

    But still is issue UTF-8 encoding. How to work some special characters like č.
    It shows me �

    I worked some other function mb_strtolower($variable, 'UTF-8'))

    How to set UTF-8 inside:
    $var[$i] = mb_convert_case(mb_strtolower($element), MB_CASE_TITLE);

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