I am currently creating a Webpage for eBay, but habe a Problem displaying onmouseover correctly in IE.

There is a big picture (name: Bild0)
below some small pictures (Bild1, Bild2, usw.) which should be displayed in the big size when mouseover.

The mouseovered picture should not be hidden (there is no mouseout) until another small picture will be mouseovered.

So far this will work on any web-browser, but not in IE (I use the IE9). How can I fix it?

Thanks for helping in advance.

<IMG name=moni src=".../Bild0.jpg" height=270>

<IMG onMouseOver="moni.src='.../Bild1.jpg';"src=".../Bild1.jpg" width=60 height=45>
<IMG onMouseOver="moni.src='.../Bild2.jpg';"src=".../Bild2.jpg" width=60 height=45>
<IMG onMouseOver="moni.src='.../Bild3.jpg';"src=".../Bild3.jpg" width=60 height=45>
<IMG onMouseOver="moni.src='.../Bild4.jpg';"src=".../Bild4.jpg" width=60 height=45>