Hello i am really new in programming and i cant figure out how to solve the following problem.
i am having a drop down list for the user helping him reduce results.

My list looks like this

PHP Code:
<select name="products2" id="soch" onchange="showUser()">
           <option value="" selected="selected">Sochet</option>
do {  
           <option value="<?php echo $row_sochet['sochet']?>"><?php echo $row_sochet['sochet']?></option>
} while ($row_sochet mysql_fetch_assoc($sochet));
$rows mysql_num_rows($sochet);
$rows 0) {
$row_sochet mysql_fetch_assoc($sochet);

for example when the user choose the processors category then possible sochets display.

I want to hide this drop down if he choose another category ex. printers which dont contain any sochet