I posted a PHP question about this project in the PHP forum and the answer I was basically given required me to do some javascript/jQuery and PHP programming. All of which is beyond my skillset. I am hoping to find someone to setup the scripting for me so this functions. Please, I am new to this board so if this is not appropriate to ask or if there is a better place for me to post this request (another site, etc...) please let me know and don't jump down my throat.

What I need:
Check out the following URL: http://www.machighway.com/domains.php

You will notice that the dynamically created selectbox on the search domain header is way too small. While this currently functions correctly it does look like garbage. I have custom graphic elements already completed for a dropdown menu selectbox to house the domain extensions. What I need is for someone to integrate these graphics for the selectbox and to script it so that the correct information is sent to the server when a user selects an extension.

On the front page of http://www.godaddy.com they also have a custom dropdown selectbox. I have viewed the source and can sort of understand what I might need to do so that it works, but I'm on a huge time constraint and don't have the time trying to figure this out. I think that someone who knows what they are doing could probably do this fairly quickly, certainly much quicker than I.

I will have the need for some additional scripting work (javascript/jQuery/PHP) down the road if this works out and whoever takes on this project is interested.

message me if interested. I'll pay you via Paypal.