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Thread: [RESOLVED] Modalbox popup with php variables sent in URL

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Modalbox popup with php variables sent in URL

    Hi people !
    I'm trying to do a popup using modalbox (http://www.wildbit.com/labs/modalbox/). The point is having a nice AJAX popup with some cool effects, rather than a simple JS popup.
    The popup opens when the user clicks on a link, and it returns a page which will display some text according to the parameters sent in the url.

    My url looks like something like this :

    Then, the page.php is something like that :
    PHP Code:
    $getid $_GET['id'];

    $auteurname mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT auteur FROM bioauteurs WHERE ID='$getid'",$connection),0);
    $auteurbio mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT bio FROM bioauteurs WHERE ID='$getid'",$connection),0);

    "<h2 class=\"auteur\">".$auteurname."</h2>";
    "<p class=\"biographie\">".$auteurbio."</p>"
    My main problem is that my modalbox doesn't work at all. It opens, doesn't display any content, and content is then opened in another page.

    Why is it so ? Is it not possible to pass php parameters in AJAX using a simple method ?

    Here is what I did :

    HTML Code:
    <a href="page.php?id=1" title="Simple form" onclick="
    Modalbox.show(this.href, {title: this.title, width: 600}); return false;
    "> Test page</a>
    I attached the modalbox scripts, if somebody wants to take a look.

    Any help would be great. I've been working on this for two days, trying to find info on the net, and I couldn't grab anything that would work
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    You may need to stop the event from propagating. Try not to use the inline onclick and instead bind the click function from a script block (appearing lower on the page so that you know the link in question has loaded by then)

    try this:

    myLink.click = function(e){
    e = window.event ? window.event : e;
    // now do your other stuff.


    This should hopefully stop the browser from activating the link. If it still doesn't work, investigate your modal library more, it may have issues or a special way to do what you want.

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    Yeah, but the link should be activated. The problem is that the parameters are not taken into account when the link is sent...

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    Actually, a chain of problems was preventing this to work, but it finally worked the way I did it first.
    The problem was with the scriptaculous file, as well as with the page's doctype (no idea why).

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    how did you solve it please?

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