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Thread: Links from blog commenting

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    Links from blog commenting

    Most of the time it is found that we get no follow links from blog commenting. But search engine does not value no follow links. So still should we bring no follow links from blog commenting.

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    Should depend on one's preference. No-Follow links can generate some traffic if are placed (properly) on blogs having discussion similar to the referring site.

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    There is no doubt that no-follow links don’t carry the link juice that a follow link does, but at the end of the day linking should be about providing good quality content and being a good net citizen. Linking shouldn’t be just about SEO rankings. I think Google is smart enough to value this in some way.

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    If you are doing link building on comment then you are not going to get link juice but you are going to get traffic from the site.
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    As you said there's no algorithmic benefit from nofollow links. So that kind of answers your question.

    Links in the comment area are also likely to be devalued; search engines have been able to judge the location of links and different areas of webpages for a while now -- thanks to Block Level Link Analysis.

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