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Thread: Can I Buy Hosting On Custom Domain

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    Angry Can I Buy Hosting On Custom Domain

    Hi Friends and Webmaster's
    I have a blog Moderator says: no links allowed here and i want to buy a webhosting for my blog.
    Plz Webmaster's and My Friends tell me how i can take hosting for my blog and after buying the hosting what will be the steps,pl give some tips and details about it

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    You shouldnt ever really need to buy webhosting .....

    There are plenty of free ones without ads, etc. Do you have PHP or other forms on your site? If you dont, you have a plethora of choice with some excellent bandwith options. If you do need scripting, you can still get a good deal ...

    EG: One free host I use time and again is this one ...

    For some reason, the content filter on these boards, blocked out the word "webhost" ... Replace the stars in the link with the word webhost ..

    On that, I can FTP, use PHP scripts, get a good bandwith amount per month, no ads at all, always quick to respond, custom error pages, etc. Everything you need for a small > medium sized site ..
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    Thanks For Reply but i can not understand what you say ?
    I have simple blogger template, can i upload blog on Hosting ?

    waiting for your reply.
    Thnaks and Regards,
    ravi chayal

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    yes you can ..

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