Hello, everyone.

I'm using CFAJAXPROXY to access a method in a CFC. So far, with one exception, it's all working quite well.

The issue is when accessing a method to add a row to a database table based upon the ColdFusion #FORM# object. This method requires that all the form field names match a column name in the database table.

The problem is that this is a HUGE form, with many field names that are quite long, and while it works great in FireFox, the client forces all of its users to use IE7 - which brings about the 122 statusCode error message, because the request URI is too long. (Apparently, this effects ONLY Internet Explorer 7.. much to my chagrin.)

So.. am I forced, then, to write a separate query for this, to insert the data? Or is there some alternative? Some way of increasing the 2032 character limit in the request URI?