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Thread: Help setting up order form

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    Help setting up order form

    I have some intermediate/novice experience when it comes to php and javascript, and am needing some help setting up an on-line order form. Here is the scenario:

    The customer looks through a set of photos, and chooses the size(s) and quantity/quantities of each photo they want. After making their selections, they submit the order (by clicking the submit button) which creates an order form that they can print and mail off.

    I'd like to have (probably a javascript) that totals the cost for each size photo requested, as well as a total cost for all the orders for that photo (in the event they choose more than one size). I imagine a php script could process the form, and would create an html page that looks like an order form that could be printed out. To keep from cluttering up the order form, I'd like for the php script to filter out, and not display, any photos or sizes that were not chosen.

    Is there script out there that can easily handle this? I've thought about setting up something like an e-commerce site, but I don't need the payment or order processing part...just choose your items, create an order form and print it.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!
    - Jason
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