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Thread: script stopped working error

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    script stopped working error

    Hi everybody,

    In our organisation we are developing a website which makes heavy use of javascript.
    Right now we have jquery 1.4.2 as js library.
    The problem is, on a few pages, we get the 'script stopped working' error and we just cannot find out what exactly causes the error.

    This is what we know:
    • It occurs in chrome and firefox, under windows, linux and mac.
    • In FF 2 it happens on every pageload of a certain testpage whereas in FF >= 3.6 it only happens 'randomly'
    • If we take out all the js includes from that page and load it up in FF 2, there is no error, obviously.
    • Funny thing is, if i set the 'dom.max_script_run_time' value in FF 2 to 11 seconds, the error vanishes, and if i set it to 10 sec (the standard) it occurs on every page load. If i set the value to one second in FF 4 it still doesnt occur regularly.
    • There seems to be a correlation between slow computers and fast computers, with more errors on the slow computer side.

    It would be great if somebody could tell us how to debug that error at all?
    Or how we can find a testcase, something with which we can reproduce this error in every combination.

    A general solution to this problem would be welcome to, of course

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hard to say. Working with JavaScript libraries, like JQuery, brings often problems, and the solve is, most of the time, impossible, due to the intricate and huge core custom code. Can we see a link to a test page?

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    I've uploaded our testpage and the relevant files to this url:

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    Wow, we finally found it.
    On this page, we have a little icon which opens a help text via javascript, whith a while loop in it, which resultet in an endless loop, if there was no text to be shown -.-

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