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Coothead, this is not a commercial application, it is something that was put together very quickly for a purpose
It does not matter if the site is commercial or not. The final target is the user. The user has a browser, and browsers did evolve within years.

Now, I suppose you needed a slideshow with fade effect. Should have been more carefully, you must have found dozens up-to-date, cross-browser applications. A simple Google will provide:


Don't mention that you could have used a library like JQuery, or Prototype, or other, for a quick implementation.

But, be as you wish.

Important note: I saw that you have left the full, absolute, URL of your JavaScript files. Considering that those files are hosted an another domain, I dare to ask: what if that server fails or that domain disappears some say? Shouldn't be better to copy those files, put them on your domain and use relative URL?

Just some friendly thoughts, you know...