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Thread: Autocomplete Form From Database?

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    Autocomplete Form From Database?

    I am working in wordpress and need to create an autocomplete form.
    Using php and javascript (if it is necessary to be done that way, maybe just php and html?) I need to be able to call a db file on the wordpress server that will automatically populate the autocomplete box.

    Any help within the next couple of hours would be awesome!

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    This is the code currently being used to populate a simple dropdown list, being populated by the db file:

    		global $wpdb;
    		$depts = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM departments ORDER BY department_name ASC" );
    		echo '<select>';
    		foreach($depts as $row) {
    			echo '<option name="select_dept" value="'.$row->department_id.'">'.$row->department_name.'</option>';
    		echo '</select>';
    Thanks again.

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