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Thread: Redirecting www.sample.com/index.html to www.sample.com to avoid duplication

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    Redirecting www.sample.com/index.html to www.sample.com to avoid duplication

    If there is an index.html or index.htm or a variant of these files inside of the directory, the web server won't let you browse through directories.

    If I redirect “/index.html” to “/”, will this allow browsing of my website directories because it no longer has a page titled “/index.html” or does the page it is redirected to www.sample.com/ serve as the index page?

    In other words, will it expose my directories that would normally be directed to the index page or will my website directories be protected because the "www.sample.com/" page will become the index?

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    that type of behavior can be configured on or off in your web server configuration depending on what your using. if you are redirecting to / all it's doing is showing your index.html without including it in the browser url because index.html is usually the default initial file a webserver "serves" if no page is specified.

    easiest answer, try it and see. If you can see a directory structure then you need to secure your server.

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