Hi Guys,

I'd appreciate any help on this, as servers and emails are not my strongest point.

Basically, I have a reseller account with a hosting company. This includes the ability to resell email hosting.

Recently I received complaints from multiple clients that their customers were getting bounced emails. They are receiving the majority of emails, but certain customers are repeatedly having problems.

I have since managed to pin this problem down to Hotmail users. But I couldn't pinpoint why. So I contacted the support team of my provider.

They have concluded that the email was not delivered because somewhere along the delivery route, it reached a blacklisted server, couldn't go any further and got bounced back.

So that tells me why it is happening, but the support team haven't been able to provide any real solutions. All they can suggest is paying to take the server of a blacklist; which is stupid; it's not my server!

If it were my server or the customer's server that wouldn't be so bad. But this is just a random server along the delivery route, which I have no control over.

Can anyone see a solution?

Thank you,