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Thread: [RESOLVED] How to make a div become inline-block?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] How to make a div become inline-block?

    I want to use javascript to add all the formatting to the div. It works in Firefox but not in other browsers. IE and Chrome keep linebreaks around the div for some reason. What am I doing wrong?
    HTML Code:
    	text on left.
    	<a href='#'><div id='icon'></div></a>
    	text on right.
    		var o=document.getElementById('icon');
    		o.style.width = '44px';
    		o.style.height = '44px';
    		o.style.display = 'inline-block';
    		o.style.backgroundColor = '#888';
    Also if I remove the anchor it works in Chrome for some reason.

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    Some browsers render extra margin and padding on elements by default. Using a CSS reset should help eliminate cases like this.

    I'm going to guess if you add some CSS to your anchor, it should correct it.

    <a href='#' style="display: block;"><div id='icon'></div></a>
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    Nope, didn't do anything.
    I just want to change a div from block to inline-block, but Chrome and IE don't seem to support something this simple?

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    The HTML spec doesn't actually allow DIV elements inside A elements, so my guess is that you'll never get predicable behavior across browsers. You'll probably need to change that DIV to a SPAN.

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    Wow I didn't know that. I've been using divs inside anchors all over the place for years. I'll use spans, thanks

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