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Thread: Gallery on flash that can upload images and manage registered users

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    Gallery on flash that can upload images and manage registered users

    Hi I'm looking for a flash gallery that could be on XML or ACTIONSCRIPT (not MySQL) which be able to support

    -Multiuser registration
    -Image upload and publish online real time for users
    -Post a description of the image uploaded

    Basicaly the gallery or whatever it is should be able to do all this things, I've been looking the entire web for something like this...

    Could anyone help with a good solution please?



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    As usefull as Flash is, alone, it's not going to be able to do what you are asking.
    To create user interaction like you are talking about, you need a server side script to answer and interact with the viewers. Flash does not do that.
    To be realistic, it will take PHP and MySQL. PHP to "talk to" the viewers and MySQL to store their answers, logins, usernames, photos, etc.
    Then you can use Flash as the client side interface that viewers see.
    So strap on your learning cap!
    scroll down to
    "PHP, MySQL, and Flash"
    or look into a prebuilt application like PHPMotion:
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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