I'm looking for a solution which would allow our clients to create simple HTML pages based on templates with editable regions. The solution should also be able to either FTP the files to a server or deliver the files to the client as a .zip package. We wish to offer this functionality to our existing clients who use our web application.

Anyone know of such a beast?

It should...

1. Be similar to Mail Chimp in that it allows us to set up templates and restrict the parts of the template that can be edited.

2. Allow the users to select from a list of existing templates.

3. Allow us to white-label it and resell it.

4. Have some sort of API

5. Not require our users to create an account in it. In other words, allows our system to either log them in programmatically or use an API to create the account for them.

Thanks! I've checked out Surreal CMS and variants, but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

- Bret