I have a 900+ row MySQL database, comprising 15 categories of site_name and URL details, dynamically accessed using a series of selects. These pages retrieved by these URLs are copied into the main contents frame of my home page. I am receiving a healthy number of hits each day but am unable to determine which links are most/least popular.
I have hit the problem of storing the contents of parent.contents.location.href for further use I would like to either write them to a text file or directly back into MySQL for analysis purposes.

The select code follows:
(The $a is passed into the function as the value of site_code, which is not retrieved)

$result_recordset=$db->Execute("select distinct site_name,site_link
from site_list
where site_code='$a'
and site_name is not null
and active = 'Y'
order by site_name");
<FORM action="get">
<select onChange="parent.contents.location.href=options[selectedIndex].value;">
echo("<option value ='".$result_recordset->fields['site_link']."'> ".$result_recordset->fields['site_name']);

Is there any realistic chance of being able to pass the URL to an external javascript or php file for processing and preservation or am I flogging a dead horse and should consider a total rethink? I have no access to ASP or VB so am confined to PHP/Javascript/MySQL (not really a limitation!)
The use of a separate SUBMIT button to perform a GET or POST would not suit the architecture as it now exists.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.