In google places api docs they give you a list of parameters to use

some required and some optional

however one of the optional ones when removed causes it to fail

I am trying to search for all places within radius of a certain area that match a certain type, no specific name or keyword just all places

This above is the url they give you obviously key= needs a google api key added after it, I removed mine before posting here

name= is where you put a keyword that may appear in the name of the place your searching for, problem is, this is an optional parameter, however it never works when you choose not to use it

so for example

returns all the places in the area specified that contain coney in the name and are some type of restaurant

what I want is to display all restaurants in the specified area, regardless of their name

hence leaving name (the optional parameter) blank, but it doesnt work

Can anyone help with this, why? what i can do? etc