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Thread: read file from usb drive

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    read file from usb drive

    is that possible to read a file from usb drive, that to be used validate access to gain the authority. and if so...how?

    thanks in advance

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    Ajax only works on server files, AFAIK.

    You can put an external JS file on the USB drive
    so long as you reference it in the same directory as the HTML.

    JS is not a very good language for projects with security issues.
    All scripts (with passwords, authorization, etc.) can be viewed in a browser.

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    you can use <input type='file' multiple /> to load files from any drive.
    for IE browsers, you'll have to upload it temporarily to a server and ajax the response back to javascript. modern browsers can read the file data directly from the input without using the network...
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    thanks for help, i might get a idea, not sure yet, i will be back asap i finger it out

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