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Thread: New to Javascript

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    New to Javascript

    Gidday guys

    I've decided to learn Javascript. I know Flash AS3, and basic HTML, but figure since some mobile devices don't support Flash, I best learn JS.

    I was wondering two things:

    a) where is a really good beginners tutorial to walk me through it?

    b) how do I create the JS equivalent of a Flash dynamic textfield? The project I'm experimenting with updates a JS variable depending on the combination of drop down box selections the user makes. I'd just like to display this variable in a text field.

    Thanks for your time and help.


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    Literally hundreds of JS tutorials out there, but if you know AS3 you'll find that most of them won't take you far enough. As to dynamically assigning a value to a text field, HTML has text boxes and other elements that you can use. If I'm not wanting user input into the field though, the simplest thing is to use a <span> element and set the innerHTML property to the value:

    HTML Code:
    <span id="spanToReplace"></span>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.getElementById("spanToReplace").innerHTML = "This span now has a value";
    Important thing to remember is that you can't address an element until it has been rendered, so if you put the script in the <head> section you'll need to wait until the document loads before allowing it to execute.
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