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Thread: Help! How to change table values upon click

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    Help! How to change table values upon click


    I'm making a website for my computer repair company. On the services page I'm trying to create a layout where at the top of my page it lists all of my services, and just below them is a table with a few tabs on it (what the service includes/FAQ/Price). If you click on a service at the top of the page, the contents in the table will change accordingly to display the details of that service.

    I'm not really familiar with JS...can anyone help me with this? I'd really like to get this feature working as it would make the navigation of my services tremendously easier.

    Thank you so much in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Lightbulb Something to consider ...

    Without seeing much of your code, you could consider either:

    1. A 'show / hide' function to display or hide <div> sections in the table cell


    2. A Tabular display like the 'TabSheet' in the upper right of http://webinterfacetricks.com/ with your headings of
    'Service', 'FAQ' and 'Price'

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