hello everyone
I try to modify a fancy image uploader script for my needs, but I can't.
The problem with this script is that it behaves strangely with some images e.g. saves only the first frame of an aPNG, fills the transparent pixels with white(or any other color I set), etc.
however, if I completely remove the part that does this, it can't resample the image if bigger than maxW and maxH and simply won't save the images(aka it fails).
here you can try out the original, unmodified one: http://adolf94.x10.mx/php_ajax_image_upload/index_.php
how I want it to look like: http://adolf94.x10.mx/php_ajax_image_upload/index.php
and a gallery to view the images: http://adolf94.x10.mx/xfx10/index.php

pastebin sources of the files needed to modify:

Thanks in advance