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Thread: Javascript drop-down menu...activated by mouseover or link?

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    Question Javascript drop-down menu...activated by mouseover or link?


    As you may gather from the subject(!) I'm looking for a javascript drop-down menu, that would be activated by moving the mouse over a link or picture hotspot (or something).

    Any pointers as to where to look would be greatly appreciated.


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    Check my site out I have a menu builder you can usre for free.....although you have to sign up it is perfect for building mouse over menu........in a mater of minutes you will have one

    create an account on the home page..........your ac**** allowes you to create menues and save the work as yo go on........I think you will be happy when you find out what this site can do for you........let me know if you need any custom work done........also let me know how it rates.......


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    Thanks Phil, appreciated

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