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Thread: Can't use my input text boxes

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    Can't use my input text boxes

    I added an input element with type="text" to my web page. But I can't click into the element to put my cursor in there. If I set onclick="this.focus ();", then it will get focus when I click on it but still won't let me position the cursor where I would like it to be. The text boxes on other web sites work in my browsers. But mine don't. I'm using Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu. I even copied an example which worked on the w3schools web site, but when I pasted the HTML near the top of my page it did not work. Same problem. I couldn't click into the text boxes to put my cursor in there.

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    Here is the code I currently have. I don't need a form because I will be accessing these elements with javascript and using ajax to send data to the server, but as far as I read that is perfectly valid HTML.
    <div style="height:30px; font-size:smaller; vertical-align:middle;">
    	<span style="float:right;">Save as:&nbsp;</span>
    	<input id="new_name" type="text" value="" />
    	<input type="button" value="Save" />

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