Please help, im all out of options.

I dont know where to go for this, but Im trying to create a slideshow based off of pictures in a directory on my webpage. Some people are telling me its .php, some people are telling me its jquery, I dont know anything about advanced coding like that. Can someone refer me to a code and tell me exactly how to use it? What im wanting is a automatic slideshow, that can control the intervals between each picture, and restart itself once its over. The problem is, ive been searching for so long, and all the ones im finding are very fancy, and have buttons for controlling the speed and pausing the show, and nice looking banners and stuff. All I want is the raw slideshow displaying only the images within the browser and nothing else. Can anyone help me or point me in a correct direction. I need this pretty bad. Ive seen once where its structured like this- and once you go to this link, it starts the slideshow automatically like I described above. Thank you for your time!