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    TypeShow Text Wrap

    Hello Forum,

    I have recently installed the following widget within my magento store... http://typeshow.net/ and it works great! However I would like the type to appear on multiple lines not just one long string of words as there is a set format that I wish the words to appear within... This is my current insertion of the code... www.burin.co.uk. although I am trying to give the end user an opportunity to see their text message displayed on our chrome lighters as this example.... http://www.birthdaygifts-shop.co.uk/...er-Lighter.php

    If anyone can assist it would be very appreciated !

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    Hi Workwell,

    I do not have a solution for you, however I was hoping you could help me out regarding how you managed to get typeshow into your magento. I have attempted to install it myself and am coming up blank. any assistance greatly appreciated

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