First, thanks in advance for the help of those that are smarter than I! ;-)

we have a calculator on a customer's web site: (view an inventory item and find the "calculate payments" link)

When the calculator first pops up *IN SAFARI (only)*, the content of the div container for the calculator is pushed down the page - UNTIL you put some content in the form fields, then it jumps back up to where it is supposed to be. This seems to only happen with this one site of ours.

Another example from the same server with the exact same code would be:, and it works fine on their pages.

Can anyone see what the issue is causing this? If it's just a bug with Safari, why does it do it only for that one site? Does anyone see something that I don't. It's not a HUGE issue, but our customer noticed it and I want to at least find some kind of answer for them.

Even using Firebug on Safari, I can't seem to see anything strange causing this (but I may not know everything to look for)

Thanks again!