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Thread: Do tag clouds Help ?

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    Question Do tag clouds Help ?

    I want to know if adding a tag cloud to my website help with seo ? and how can i get a free one ?

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    It is widely believed that they do not help in a significant manner, so you'd better spend more time on content.
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    Talking opinion differs from person to person

    apparently, tag clouds are very helpful if your website / blog has enough contents to justify it.

    well known websites like Flickr / Blogger / Delicious are known to support Tag clouds (as a matter of fact, Flickr was the site from where the concept started )

    you can get more info on how to build a tag cloud on one of these websites :



    Cheers !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by millers View Post
    I want to know if adding a tag cloud to my website help with seo ? and how can i get a free one ?
    Tag clouds have often been pushed as being a vital part of SEO, particularly in the blogging world. In the following video Matt Cutts from Google dispels some of the myths and answers some of the more common questions about tag clouds.

    Personally Iíve never been a fan of them, and I donít think Iíve ever clicked on a link in one on any site and have always judged their usefulness based on my own behavior. Anyway, love them or hate them, here is the lowdown from Google on just how useful or harmful they might be Ė the general gist would seem to be, as with so many things.

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