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Thread: Is this site use a CMS?

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    Is this site use a CMS?


    i found many sites on the web that seem to be using the same coding, just different design, i wonder if its a CMS or nothing but a custom made php page. These are a few examples:


    sorry the sites are in japanese but i think that even if you dont understand japanese you will notice the similarities. First of all, no matter what you put in the address after the sn= you will always get a page with some posts that have as subject whatever you put in the address. What is odd about this, is that these page will rank high on google depending on the keyword you put in the address, even when the page doesnt actually exist!! the bad thing is that those comments posted on the page defame very badly whatever the subject is, so if you put your site on the address you will get automatically get bad feed for your site, and in some cases if you search your site on google these pages will appear on top of the results with your site on them!!

    All the posts in there are bogus and they appear randomly whenever you reload the page, the date they were posted is always set to appear as of 2 days ago, so everything was calculated to defame certain type of sites.

    This is why i would like to know what kind of CMS are these sites using, in order to be able to prevent my sites from being ranked on google with these sites.

    Thank you.

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    There is no doubt that they are using CMS on these sites but it will be difficult to find out which cms they are using as most of the cms available in the market uses php and this site is also using php.
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    But it seems to be a very simple one, although its not either drupal or wordpress.

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