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Thread: Open Graph Meta Tags: Beta Testers!

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    Cool Open Graph Meta Tags: Beta Testers!

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    I've just finished this thing... I don't know why I put so much time into it, but would appreciate some critiques and beta testers!

    To be honest, I'm sick of looking at it myself... I spent way too much time on the thing and it is just for fun... will never make a dime! It was fun at first then became an obsession!

    There are some cool scripts in there that you can feel free to swipe...

    1.) Editable Combo Box - You can edit the final entry in the dropdown combobox under "Type" (in the pink highlighted section).
    2.) Autofilling Radio Buttons - radiobuttons that automatically fill the input box. (See under the panel for Book/Product Attributes)
    3.) Other scripts on the page that are unique...

    Go and have a look, while you're there, generate your page's Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags the easy way!

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