I am working on a small Memory game based on jquery. The idea is to flip all the cards on the least possible amount of time. I have a timer that stops when the player has flipped all the cards, and a click counter to identify how many times the user has flipped the cards, defined as stats.time and stats.numClicks respectively.

game.bind('done', function(e)
			// show basic stats
			var stats = game.slashcMemoryGame('getStats');
			info.html('Nice work, amount of clicks : ' + stats.numClicks + ', Your time : ' + formatTime(parseInt(stats.time / 1000)) + '.');
			playAgain.css('visibility', 'visible'); // show link

Now the trouble is i wanna get those variables from the actual game...-say the user flipped 30 cards in 54 seconds-
How can i pull those 2 values that are only available to the client side and generate a url with them to direct the user to register his/her score?