I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a multiple choice quiz I'm making with jFormer (http://www.jformer.com/).

Basically I'm really new to PHP and I'm having trouble with the following:

- Finding out how to arrange radio buttons vertically (at the moment I'm basing my quiz on the 'Survey' Demo (http://www.jformer.com/demos/survey/) and it won't let me rearrange the radio buttons. Instead, when I do, it treats each radio button separately and you can only pick the first one.
- All my radio buttons are labeled A - E (e.g. < input id="statement1-choice3" type="radio" value="C" name="statement1" / >) How do I then calculate the outcome so that those who picked a majority of A answers get shown a different div to those who picked a majority of B answers?

Thanks in advance,