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Thread: Wanted: Comments/suggestions on my website

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    Wanted: Comments/suggestions on my website

    Hi, I am looking for some feedback with regard to the design and content of my website. I am an amateur and made the site with a website builder program. The trouble is, I've spent alot of time to get it to the stage it is at now and I've got a bit lost in the project!
    The main purpose of my site is to outline an interesting travel story from the 1960's involving my late father. He left behind so much material relating to the story including photo's, various paperwork etc. that I thought it deserves to be aired on a webpage and 'preserved' in this way. He had also just published a book about the trip when he died in 2008. I would really appreciate any ideas and honest impressions about the site as I want to finish it one day soon! www.yallop.net

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    Firts of all your site is very slow. And background colour is dark. You may use lighter colour and faster host. Front page is mixed.

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    Northern UK :((
    I rather like it, especially the scrappy feel of the newspaper clippings ....

    I agree, use a better webhost. The one I use is free and fast ...

    (delete the gaps in the domain)
    http://www.000 web host.com/448393.html

    The background may be a bit dark, but I might disagree with microweb on this. Its a rather regal/royal/racing green, kinda reminds me of my grandfathers study many years ago, takes me back ... I like it ... However it isnt stretched properly ....

    Overall, I think you've done very well for your first attempt ...
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    Thanks for the comments, particularly about the speed of the site (have bookmarked your link). And yes I was wondering about the background too but it seemed to chime with the 1930's era of the car etc. I suppose it'll look great/hideous depending on what display setup you're using. Anyway very useful info... cheers

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    I liked it and thought the design was well done.

    The site is extremely slow

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    I would like to add my comments as a struggling web developer rather than the gurus here.
    I'm impressed that you took a personal story and made it into an attractive public website.
    It's inspiring to me and surely to others getting started.
    Good luck,

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