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Thread: fully customizable image gallery

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    fully customizable image gallery

    I am looking for a simple image gallery system which can be fully integrated into my website. At present everything is set up manually, with each image on a separate page.. ridiculous!

    I would like to find a system which will automatically create page numbers (eg. 3 or 8) and previous/next buttons. It must be customizable so that i can integrate it into the existing site, an example here: http://mummeryschnelle.com/pages/philip3.htm

    I have looked into a number of open source mySQL based systems, but they all seem to be very complex and very tricky to adapt to my site's pages. I'm not very clued up on jQuery.. is this a good option?

    Can anyone suggest something simple and straightforward to do the job?

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    I remember the time when google offered a fully customizable interface that would save the user's preferences and display the same thing every time the user comes back. While that is a great idea so that the user will have control over the whole aspect, it will cost a ton of overhead for their server to handle. That in my opinion was one of the failed projects but had good intentions. The resources just did not permit such a characteristic.

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    There's nothing "simple" that I know of that you can just copy and paste into your own site.

    In your example site http://mummeryschnelle.com/pages/philip3.htm it must have been painful to make a new page for every single new image. I have a website that does something almost identical to what you need. I suppose you could use javascript, but it'd be 500x easier to use an SQL Database (whether you use MSSQL or MySQL is up to you).

    Once you have a database set up, you'll need to learn some php to connect to it. If you don't know any php, just ask and I can point you in the right direction so you don't have to search Google for 187 hours.

    You'll really only need one table. Call it tblPhotos or something. The columns will be something like

    PhotoId (pretty straightforward), Location (location on your server so it knows where to find it such as http://mummeryschnelle.com/images/1.jpg, and then maybe a Description column.

    Each row will be a new photo.

    Therefore you only need one page, it'll just use multiple variables such as
    http://mummeryschnelle.com?PhotoId=2 ...

    You'll just query the database doing something like

    SELECT * from tblPhotos WHERE PhotoId = $_GET[PhotoId]

    and then do what you like with that. If you're stuck on where to begin or a particular spot, just ask.

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