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Thread: PHP exec a batch file terminates before compliting on IIS7

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    PHP exec a batch file terminates before compliting on IIS7


    The website that I am making involves executing 3 batch files.
    I am executing the batch files using the exec function.
    When I test the website code on my personal PC with apach server, it is working fine
    The execution of the 3 batch files is done one after the other just like it is supposed to do.

    But I'm having a problem with executing the batch files on my VPS IIS7 server.
    For some reason, the execution of the batch files terminates before it is over.
    When I execute the batch files from CMD, they are working fine.

    I tried to give more time in the max_execution_time (in the php.ini) but it did not make a different.
    I tried to change the limits properties in the IIS manager but still I did not notice any difference.

    I am new to windows server 2008 (my first time )

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Is there an error log for web sessions that logs web sessions and through that I will be able to see why the execution of the batch file terminated?
    2. Has anyone encountered a problem like I described above?

    Thanks for the help.
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