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Thread: Outsourcing Back End Work

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    Outsourcing Back End Work

    I would like to make a website that has a lot of the same features and functionality of www.quibids.com. I need user accounts, payment processing, various products that will have a timer, packages of "bids" for a price, and I will also need a custom flash interface application that records data based on user input and a CMS system so I can update the products on a daily basis.

    FYI this has nothing to do with auctions quibids is just a good indication of what I need. I'm trying to create the website as cheaply as possible, but at the same time, I want the end result to have a high end professional appeal (like quibids does in my mind).

    I plan to get the front end via www.99designs.com (any better recommendations?) which is where quibids got theirs.

    I have received some quotes to build out the rest, but they range from ____ to ____ (in the US). I stumbled upon freelancer.com and found some people who I think can get most, if not all, of the work I need done at a much cheaper price. So here are my questions:

    1. Am I off base or am I approaching this correctly?
    2. Where can I find someone locally (in the US) who would have knowledge of everything I'm trying to accomplish that could check the work that someone is doing on freelancer to ensure it's quality? I can see that it looks and works, but I don't know the interworkings of complex web design.

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    If I am not wrong you are thinking of getting shopping website. So any company can provide you that but the thing is that you have to specify the budget as that is most important factor related to the quality of your website.
    if you specify the budget people will definitely get back to you with a proposal.

    One more thing it is not necessary to go for the local professionals for getting quality work.
    Visit - http://www.webdevelopmentservices.ca/ for web design and development services

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