So I've used sessions a heap before but they have decided they don't like me anymore and are not working.. I cannot for the life of me work out why and it's driving me crazy..
I have a page that sets a login name in $_SESSION['login_name'] and when I try to use that on another page, say to echo it, it is not there (not on any of my pages).. Then I go back to the login page (the one that set it) and find that it won't echo there anymore either. So it's kind of like a session that only lives while I'm on that one page...
As a test I created a real simple page to set $_SESSION['test']. I echo'ed that on another page successfully but it wont echo on the login page.. it's like I have a session destroy hiding in the login page.. only I don't.
And yes, I do have session_start(); at the top of my php.

Any suggestions before I start smashing my head on the wall?