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Thread: [RESOLVED] Links on page do not work in Firefox!

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Links on page do not work in Firefox!

    Here's a tricky one...

    Hyperlinks do not work in Firefox!
    They work in IE fine.

    I have built this page a while ago and basically ignored it till now, when a friend pointed out that neither the dropdown combobox menu nor all hyperlinks on the page do not work in Firefox...

    ...with the exception of the chitika links on the right hand side of the page...

    As above, everything works fine in IE.
    The page uses Conditional Tags to show a different interface to users of IE, since IE supports a clickable homepage set, while FF, Chrome and Opera do not, hence the two sets of code.

    The page is here:

    Sorry, I was unable to post the HTML, as the form would not allow it due to length.... although there is not a lot on the page... :-/
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