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Thread: Is this possible in PHP?

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    Is this possible in PHP?

    Not sure really how to explain what I need so I will do my best. I need a block time scheduler written in PHP I need customers to beable to see a calendar after selecting services they want and see the dates that are open (need it to beable to be updated all the time) then after selecting the day have the times show up thats open...also on the same page have alternate dates that is around the date they have selected..(if they picked wednesday but they dont have the time they want then suggest tuesday at that same time) and then once they pick the time and date the database updates and has them in that slot and at the end of the day beable to show in a separate database which appointments are on for the following day....also before they pick dates and times they also need to be able to pick services they need and THEN do the date and time ...and then give basic information so we can contact them just as office hours are closed to confirm.....is this possible in PHP i know its possible in ASP.NET but I love doing PHP and would like to get this to work because I would be able to help other people that want block scheduler

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    Sure, it's possible. I doubt it is significantly easier or harder than it would be in ASP.NET. It would certainly be easier if you can find any third-party PHP applications or classes/functions out there that you could plug in, than to write it all from scratch, of course.
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